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Below is a list of my recipes organized into 6 categories: chicken, beef, seafood, pork, vegetarian, and oat bran. Hover over the image to display the name and click on the image to see the recipe. I hope this helps you find what you’re looking for!














Straciatella Soup          4d236aa0990b11e397d812e01a16c456_8

997b806aa5a211e3900e121a6cba01c3_8     10254241_788749877811340_287116701_n







          Corned Beef & Cabbage














Oat Bran





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  1. I just LOVE your blog! So many inspiring recipes. I will be using a few of them over the next couple of weeks. Can not wait to try them! Thank You! :)

    • Thanks, Stephhii! I see you’re on the Dukan Diet for the second time. I can’t wait to hear about your progress and take a look at the recipes you post as well. It’s always nice to have someone to swap ideas with!

  2. This web site is SO GOOD I am deleting all my other Dukan saves!!
    How could dieting be so delicious!!

  3. One of the best dukan recipe sites!!!! Stay with us!

  4. Wow your recipes look delicious! Was wondering where you get protein powder. Does it have a special name?

  5. Great Recipes!!Makes Dukan diet not a diet,and all my family happy!Thank you!

  6. you are like a god in the dukan diet world!

  7. Amazing recipes! You saved me.i was so bored and could not think f tasty recipes. Thank you

  8. i love this blog, thanks for making dukan more bearable and giving us something to look forward to eating :)


    OMG!!!! You’ve just saved me. I started the diet a week ago and I thought I’d never eat anything yummy again. And then I found you on Pintereest. Thank you so. xoxo

  10. I just love this website. Thank you for helping us, the beginners….I need ideas for breakfast please. 🍳


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