Green Tea Slimming Secret

Green Tea Palmer
I have been on the Dukan Diet for a little over two weeks now. Like many, I have an unhealthy level of love for carbs so, inevitably, I have come very close to cracking many times. Usually, stepping on the scale each morning would reinstill my confidence and give me a nice push in the right direction. Unfortunately, there were those days when the scale gave me nothing but bad news. For a good three days during the diet, I was at a standstill. No movement whatsoever except for maybe a .2 INCREASE at some points. It was discouraging to say the least.

Searching on the web for ways to break through my stagnation, I found that many others have been in the same boat. Working hard to stay on a strict diet with nothing to show for it. Then, I came across a small section on the official Dukan website titled ‘Slimming Secrets.’ I figured it was your average collection of vague articles that informed you of things that were nothing but secrets to weight loss: Eat right/less & exercise. However, this collection of secrets was very helpful as each one was extremely specific. One jewel of an article even focused on what to do if you encounter a weight-loss wall during the diet. The answer — green tea all day, every day, for three days. It sounded easy enough!

So, the next day, I bought a large box of 100 packs of green tea bags from my local Ralphs (around $5 only). Three days seemed pretty long to me to go without drinking plain water so I fully committed for one day. Miraculously, it worked! I began losing weight again the very next day and, although I stopped the non-stop green tea after that first day, I continued to lose weight. I still drink green tea sporatically throughout the day and am continuing to do well on the diet.

If you’re stagnating in your weight-loss like I had, this might be something to try. You can drink the green tea hot or cold, any way you’d like. You can even make a green tea palmer with some lemon juice and splenda. It makes a refreshing Dukan-friendly drink that’ll be nice to have with the approaching summer heat!



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