Grocery Shopping: Dukan-style

At this time, I am alternating one pure protein day with one protein veggie day and am on day 9 of the Cruise Phase. I have to say, this has been quite a long week, especially since it was a short work week. I have had no weight loss for the past two days and my energy level is very low. This is typical of a low-carb diet but my late bed time has definitely played a contributing factor. Additionally, I haven’t been drinking nearly enough water so it’s time for me to kick it up a notch. If my stagnation lasts for another day, I will have to play the Green Tea card and hopefully break through it. As of now, my motivation is coming from looking at the big picture: My overall progress and weight loss. I think this is very important for everyone on a new eating regiment to do.

On the brighter side, my carb cravings are almost completely nonexistent and my daily walks have been smoothly integrated into my routine. And let’s not forget, it is Friday! This means it’s almost time to grocery shop for the week and create more Dukan-friendly meals. On that note, to the right is a list of must-have staples I have on my list when I grocery shop, Dukan-style!

I’m excited to use this weekend to catch up on some sleep and slow things down a bit. Hopefully post a hand full of recipes. Maybe some bread pudding or chicken parmesan? We’ll see!

Thanks for visiting & happy Dukan dieting!


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